Looking for a service? Or want to expand your business? We have the solution. Unlock all doors with one key.

VISP brings to your door a fast and efficient all-purpose application for all your needs. Whether you are looking for carpenter or a health trainer, (or are one!) you can find one easily on the VISP app.

Relax at home and leave your problems aside as we create a platform for perfect synergy between service professionals and customers.

About Us

VISP (Virtually Integrated Service Provider) is a creative platform that puts individuals and small businesses on the map via a customised professional profile and connects you to customers globally looking for the services you offer. The logic of this innovative application is to connect customers to business profiles in just 4 clicks. VISP acts as the perfect medium to place individuals and small businesses on the map and be highly visible to customers.

Regardless of what you are experienced in, what skillset you attain or what qualifications you have, VISP caters to all industries. VISP is loaded with several features never seen before in the online App industry.

Visp offers a platform for a wide range of services like landscaping to health and wellness advice. Whether you want to repair your old heater or buy a new car, VISP will make sure that your service experience remains seamless and pleasant. The service spectrum includes household cleaning and renovation, appliance repairing, home shifting, healthcare, business help, party or event organization, etc. Through this innovative application, customers can solve all their problems at one place without stepping out of their home.

VISP is connected with various experts in service industries and make sure to deliver a superlative experience and customer satisfaction. This application allows customers to gain access to 1'000s of specific personalised profiles equipped video introductions, a professional Visp ranking system and the opportunity to connect via the in-app messaging platform. Visp supports the privacy of customers searching for services with no information and sign up required.

This application is a win-win situation for both the businesses that are connected to VISP and to the customers who require their services. Let's begin your ride into App industry by creating your business profile and attracting customers to your services.

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